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September 14, 2011


Handy Township Roads

2013 Updates


2013 road projects consisted mainly of preventive maintenance.  Aggressive berm removal was accomplished on several roads.  Hogback Road north of Grand River had berms removed from the first curve to Allen Road.  Sharpe Road had berms removed from Cemetery Road to Owosso Road.  Trees were also trimmed along the right of way of these roads.  The reason for aggressively removing the berms is to allow for proper drainage.  Roads deteriorate much faster if there is water that does not drain from the surface of the road.  Trees close to the road also affect maintenance by interfering with drainage and also by affecting the rate of the freeze thaw cycle.


Cemetery Road south of Grand River and Layton Road between Smith Road and Fowlervile Road had berm removal and minor tree trimming also accomplished.


Layton Road east of Smith road to the Howell Township boundary was resurfaced and berms were removed.  This work was necessitated by the opening of the bridge just east of the Handy Township boundary.  When the bridge was closed the road east of the last driveway needed repair and repair was not done due to the road being closed.


Sharpe Road from Cemetery Road to Owosso will be resurfaced with crushed limestone.  This project is being done to make the road safer for students, school personnel and school buses that travel this route.  The timing of the project was scheduled to have the least negative impact on school traffic.


Handy Township receives 1 mil that has been voted by the residents for road maintenance.  The 1 mil is only collected on properties outside of the Village of Fowlerville and raises approximately $130,000.  Dust control on gravel roads is a priority and costs about $60-70,000 depending on the weather and amount of rain.  The remaining money is used to repair and maintain the roads.  Safety of residents is always the primary goal of road projects.